Tracking Real-Time Shipment Statuses in ShippingEasy | FAQs

ShippingEasy pulls tracking information directly from carrier websites and makes this information available on your SHIPMENT HISTORY page. By default, the "Delivery" column displays to the right of the "Tracking" number column. Just hover your mouse over a delivery icon to see a real-time update of your shipments' statuses.


What do the delivery icons mean in SHIPMENT HISTORY?

Icon Status Details
No_Tracking_yet.png New
  • Electronic Shipping Info Received
Scanned_in_Route.png In Transit
  • Arrival at Unit
  • Arrival at Sort Facility
  • Depart Sort Facility
  • Out For Delivery
  • Processed
  • Delivery Status Not Updated

Delivered (trigger automated delivery confirmation emails. Learn how to send Delivery Confirmation emails.)

  • At/In Mailbox
  • Front Desk/Reception
  • Front Door/Porch
Undeliverable.png Delivery Error
  • Undeliverable as Addressed
  • Forwarded
2020-06-29_12-43-47.png Unknown Error
  • Tracking cannot be identified correctly
  • Processed at Destination facility
  • Arrival at the pickup point
  • Received at opening unit
  • Missent/Mis-shipped
Delivery Confirmation emails can be configured to automatically notify you and your customers that their order has been delivered. Learn how to send Delivery Confirmation emails.

What carriers and services are real-time delivery status updates are available for?

  • USPS labels purchased via an active One Balance account
  • UPS One Balance labels purchased via an active One Balance account
  • FedEx labels for overnight services
  • UPS labels for overnight services
  • Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime
Delayed updates are available 48 hours after the label is generated for:
  • FedEx labels for non-overnight services
  • UPS labels for non-overnight services

Which shipments are not eligible for delivery status updates in ShippingEasy?

  • USPS labels purchased via a closed One Balance account
  • UPS One Balance labels purchased via a closed One Balance account
  • Shipments serviced by a shipping consolidator

What is the expected time for delivery?

For specific tracking information, you can check the carrier website. Tracking is a carrier-specific service, so the carrier websites will show more detailed information on where a package is located.

In ShippingEasy, packages in transit and expected to arrive by the delivery date shown on the tracking site will show “In-Transit, Arriving On Time.”

If a package will be delivered later than expected, you will see this message: “In-Transit, Arriving Late.”

How can I find specific shipments?

The "Delivery" column can be sorted by clicking the "Delivery" column header.

It is also possible to filter shipments by their status, using the "Delivery Status" filter options to the left of your shipments.

If you need to regularly filter for the same "Delivery Status", you can set up a Saved View. Learn how to set up saved views.

Click the Delivery Status filter and then select any of the statuses below to view shipments with a matching status.


Will my store be updated automatically with my shipping status and tracking number?

As soon as you process a shipment that came through your store, ShippingEasy will automatically update your store's admin panel with the shipment's tracking number and update its status to shipped.


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