Create a Unique Duplicate Label | How To

If you ever have an item that has been returned to you and needs exchanging, if you have recurring orders, or if you make a mistake on a label - you can easily duplicate a label within ShippingEasy!

Things to note about duplicating a label:

  • Duplicate labels will have the same recipient, carrier, carrier service, packaging, and weight as the original shipment.

  • Duplicate labels will receive a shipping confirmation email.

  • Shipping Rules will not apply to duplicate orders.  If you wish to apply Shipping Rules to the order, you can re-run shipping rules on the ORDERS page.

  • ShippingEasy will not duplicate insurance or label add-ons, such as signature confirmation. If you would like insurance to be included on your duplicate label, you will need to edit the label before purchasing.

  • You cannot duplicate an FBA shipment that has redacted data. Learn more about Amazon's policy on personally identifiable information.

Create a Duplicate Label with a Unique Tracking Number

Once an order has been shipped, it will appear on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, where you can track and view all the details of your shipments. You can also duplicate a label.

  1. Locate a shipment using the options below once you are on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page:

    1. Scroll manually through your history. You can adjust the number of shipments listed per page using the Results Per Page option in the corner.

      Shows dropdown menu to choose default number of shipments displayed.
    2. Use the Shipment History search box or open the Filters in the actions bar above your shipments and pictured below. Learn more about filtering shipments on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

      Available filter options
  2. Click the Actions icon SHIPHIST_OrderActions-ICON.png next to the shipment and select Create Duplicate Shipment.

    Box highlights Create Duplicate Shipment option in Actions dropdown menu.

    Alternatively, you can select one or more shipments using the checkbox and choose Duplicate Shipments from the "Label Actions" drop-down.

    Box highlights Label Actions dropdown, and Duplicate Shipments in menu


    You can duplicate shipments from the order lookup via Global Search.Once you have found an order, click the Create Duplicate Shipment option in the Actions box.

    Box highlights Create Duplicate Shipment option in Actions menu

    The order will automatically move to the ORDERS page. You will be guided to that screen, and a confirmation message will briefly appear to let you know a duplicate shipment has been set up for the selected order.

    By default, all information on the duplicate order about the address and shipping method will be the same as the original order.

  3. Optional: Edit the Order Details.

    On the ORDERS page you can edit the address, carrier selections, third-party billing, and customs information.

    Insurance and Delivery Confirmation Do Not Duplicate

    Insurance and delivery confirmations are not duplicated from the original label. Edit the Order Details to re-add this information.

  4. Click Buy Label when you are ready to print the Duplicate Label and send it to the READY TO PRINT page.


    If ConnectEasy is enabled, click Buy & Print Label and send it to your selected printer.


Cancelling a Request to Duplicate a Label

If you have changed your mind and do not wish to duplicate the label, you can remove the order. This action cannot be undone. Learn more about removing an order.

Click the More button on the top menu and select Remove Orders.


A pop-up will prompt you to confirm that you would like to proceed. Click.OK to continue.


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