Prepaid Return Shipments FAQs

In ShippingEasy, you can create a prepaid return label from the original order. A prepaid return label is purchased by a merchant, paid for when printed, and provided to a customer in order to return the product back to a warehouse. Restrictions for generating return labels apply to international and express shipments. Learn more about creating return labels.

How are my customers notified of the return shipment?

You can either download the return label and email it to your customers or opt to have ShippingEasy email your customers directly with the return label. Learn more about sending return labels to your customers.

If ShippingEasy emails my customers, will I be able to print the label?

Yes, but the label will not be sent to your print queue after purchase. Rather, you can opt to reprint it from your SHIPMENT HISTORY.

How do I resend a return shipment email/label?

On the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, select the order you would like to resend the information. Then click the Resend/Retry button at the top. From there, Choose Resend Email to myself or Resend Email to my customer.

Can I create a prepaid return label for any order in my SHIPMENT HISTORY?

No. Prepaid returns are not available for UPS Surepost, Mail Innovation, FedEx SmartPost, and USPS Priority Mail Express shipments. Other domestic shipments are eligible for returns via ShippingEasy.

Prepaid return labels are not available to international shipments through ShippingEasy. Click here to learn more about return labels for international shipments.

Can I create a prepaid return label for a domestic shipment that was dropped shipped?

Can I create a prepaid return label for a domestic shipment that is not in my history?

Yes! See our step-by-step guide to creating returns for orders not in your SHIPMENT HISTORY.

Can I cancel a USPS prepaid return shipping label for a refund?

Yes, a prepaid USPS and UPS One Balance return label can be canceled for a refund in ShippingEasy, but it must have been purchased within the last 28 days and never included on a USPS SCAN form. Learn more about canceling a label for a refund.

Can I get a refund on postage for returned items?

No. Learn more about pay-on-use return labels.

When does my One Balance prepaid return shipping label expire?

A prepaid return label for a One Balance shipment is valid until there is a price change that results in the postage-paid being the wrong amount. If a price change occurs before the label is used, the shipment could be delivered with postage due or returned to the sender for more postage.

Since USPS is known to recycle tracking numbers, we recommend using a USPS prepaid return shipping label within 90 days. This should prevent the tracking number from being recycled before the label is used.

What do I need to know about processing returns for Amazon shipments?

Amazon has strict guidelines that must be followed. Click here to learn more about processing Amazon returns.

What do I need to know about UPS returns?

UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance

To receive a refund for a UPS from the ShippingEasy One Balance label, you must cancel the label in the first 30 days after a label is created. Unscanned, canceled labels will immediately be issued a refund to your account. You do not need to wait for UPS to review the refund request.

If the label was scanned or used, no refund will be issued.

Existing UPS Accounts

UPS offers various return options. If you need to cancel a UPS return, you must do so within 24 hours. Learn more about UPS returns.

Declared Value

ShippingEasy will prevent the attempt to purchase a UPS prepaid return label when the declared value of the order is more than $1,000.

Can additional shipment options be added to my return?

No. Return shipments cannot have insurance or signature confirmation options.


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