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Tracking your shipments is an important part of the shipping process. ShippingEasy provides tracking capabilities within the app while each carrier we integrate with offers its own unique methods of tracking a shipment. Find more information about tracking shipments from the following questions.

How can I track my shipments?

Each carrier offers a way to track shipments through their website. You can also track your shipments from within ShippingEasy.

Along with tracking, each carrier offers a unique selection of confirmation options, which vary by each service. Learn more about confirmation options.

How often do carriers reuse tracking numbers?

The assignment and re-use of tracking numbers are determined by the carrier. Contact the carrier for further information.

How do I know if my package has arrived or is late?

We make it easy for you to keep track of your shipments and respond quickly if they happen to arrive late. Learn how to keep track of the status of all your shipments.

For your records, you can export your tracking numbers for past shipments into a report.

What do the tracking status updates mean?

ShippingEasy uses symbols to indicate several different tracking statuses of shipments on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Find out what they mean.

Real-time delivery status updates are only available for:

  • USPS and UPS One Balance labels purchased via an open One Balance account.
  • Overnighted FedEx labels.
  • Overnighted UPS labels.

USPS and UPS One Balance

ShippingEasy pulls tracking information for USPS and UPS One Balance shipments. This information is available on your SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

  • Why can't I track a USPS First Class Large/Flat Envelope shipment?

    Large Envelopes / Flats are serviced by First-Class Mail, which does not provide tracking on any of their packaging and services. Learn more about this package type.


For UPS shipments, reference UPS' tracking guide.


For any FexEx shipments, reference FedEx's Tracking guide

Why is the delivery status symbol incorrect?

The delivery status symbol did not change after the shipment was delivered:

This happens when the parcel is entered into the mail stream before its postmark date. While post-dating labels are okay, be aware that if you post-date the label, hand the parcel to the USPS before the postmark date and they place it in the mail stream, the tracking will not be accurate.

Additionally, be sure you are not accidentally post-dating labels in ShippingEasy.

USPS shows my package is Delivered even though I just shipped it:

An incorrect tracking status on recently shipped packages could be due to scanning errors at the Post Office. Learn about a 'Delivered' status.

My shipment's USPS tracking status says "Shipping Label Created":

When a USPS label is created for a service that included delivery confirmation, a tracking number is assigned. If the shipment has not yet been scanned by a USPS carrier, then the tracking status on will only show "Shipping Label Created". Once the shipment has been scanned, it will show that the package has been "Accepted".

How can I track an international shipment?

USPS and UPS One Balance

International shipment tracking will vary from country to country depending on their scanning capabilities and agreements with other country's postal departments. Learn more about tracking international shipments.

  • Which USPS international package services provide tracking to their destinations?

    Tracking all the way to the destination is only available for certain USPS First Class International Package Service and Priority Mail International packages. Learn which USPS services offer international tracking.

  • Does my USPS international label indicate if delivery confirmation is included?

    Yes. Some USPS international services include electronic delivery confirmation via ECOMPRO or E-USPS DELCON INTL.


You can track international FedEx shipments on their website.


You can track international UPS services on their website.

How can I find shipments that have not been scanned by the carrier?

You can use the filter on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page to find shipments that have not been scanned. The "Delivery Status" filter enables you to filter shipments by their tracking status. Select New to find shipments that have not been scanned. Keep in mind that some shipments with a 'New' status may have been scanned, but the carrier may not have sent a tracking update to ShippingEasy yet. Learn more about real-time tracking statuses.


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