Create and Use Shipping Presets | How To

A Shipping Preset is a saved configuration of service and package types. Once created, presets can be applied to orders automatically via rules or manually using instant rate. If you regularly ship a high volume of similar packages, Shipping Presets can help save time by eliminating multiple steps in your shipment configuration process.

You can add as many Shipping Presets as you need. When you configure a preset, you assign a carrier, carrier service, package, and weight.

Pre-Configured Presets

ShippingEasy accounts also include a set of pre-configured Shipping Presets for USPS domestic and international shipments:

USPS Domestic Presets

USPS International Presets

  • Ground Advantage (weight required)

    Formerly First Class Package service

  • Priority Mail Package (weight required)

  • Padded Flat Rate Envelope

  • Small Flat Rate Box

  • Medium Flat Rate Box

  • International First Class Package (weight required)

  • International Flat Rate Envelope

  • International Large Envelope/Flat - Merchandise

  • International Medium Flat Rate Box

  • International Padded Flat Rate Envelope

  • International Priority Mail Package (weight required)

  • International Small Flat Rate Box

When you register a UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance account, ShippingEasy will also create the following shipping presets:

UPS Domestic Presets

UPS International Presets

  • UPS Ground

  • UPS SurePost

  • UPS Expedited

  • UPS Priority

  • UPS Standard Intl.

  • UPS Standard Worldwide

Shipping Presets Video Demo

For a quick video overview of Shipping Presets, watch this video demo.

Create Shipping Presets

There are two ways to create shipping presets in Shipping Easy:

  • In the Order Details Slide Out

    We recommend this method if you want to create your presets while shipping and see service pricing while saving presets.

  • On the SHIPPING PRESETS Settings page

    We recommend this method if you already know what presets you'd like to create or if you plan to do most of your shipping from the Orders page.

Apply a Shipping Preset to an Order

Once you have created your Shipping Presets, they will be available on the ORDERS page. This lets you quickly assign shipping configurations to your shipments with a single click.

Delete a Shipping Preset

You can delete a Shipping Preset on the SHIPPING PRESETS page.

  1. Click SHIPPING PRESETS under the SHIPMENT SETTINGS section.

    Shipment Settings page with Shipping Presets highlighted
  2. Click on the X button located to the right of the preset you wish to delete.

    Delete button marked on Shipping Presets page

    Shipping Rules

    You cannot delete a Shipping Preset used in a shipping rule. The shipping rule must be modified to remove the preset before you can delete it.

  3. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up screen if you are sure you wish to delete this preset.

    Delete popup with OK marked


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