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All ShippingEasy plans include a ShippingEasy for One Balance account, powered by account at no additional cost. View's Terms of Service. is the parent company of ShippingEasy and our technology partner as the label server that provides an online service for purchasing One Balance labels. ShippingEasy provides commercial discounts on these services and the interface through which you ship your orders. View our discounted rate table and see how much you can save with One Balance.

If you have an existing account, it cannot be connected to ShippingEasy. To access discounted rates in ShippingEasy, you will need to open a ShippingEasy for One Balance account through ShippingEasy powered by

See our guides on how to set up a One Balance account for our current partners:

Once you open a ShippingEasy for One Balance account, you will receive invoices and notifications from regarding your funds and billing.

You can update your contact information and email address at Follow our guide for step-by-step instructions on how to update your billing information.

ShippingEasy uses your One Balance password to maintain a connection with the label server. This password can be accessed and updated in ShippingEasy.

One Balance Account ID and Password

ShippingEasy stores your credentials, or account information, for your ShippingEasy from One Balance account in-app. This keeps them secure and makes it easy to find. On the SHIPPINGEASY ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page, you will see your One Balance account information. The Account ID (ie Account Number) is readily visible.

One balance showing connected

To see the complete One Balance account details, click on Manage Passwords.

One balance manage password

Here you will find all of your One Balance account details, including:

  • Username

  • Account ID

  • Password

  • Security Question Answers (ie Challenge Answer)

    One balance username and password

Use this information to confirm your account with customer support or access your postage account.

Reconnect a One Balance account

If you have closed your One Balance account you will no longer be able to use that account to purchase postage via ShippingEasy. In order to ship via USPS, you will need to disconnect the account from ShippingEasy and open a new One Balance account. To remove a One Balance account from ShippingEasy:

  1. Email ShippingEasy with your Account ID. Our Customer Success team will be able to disconnect the account.

  2. Open a new One Balance account by going to the left sidebar of your ShippingEasy account and  clicking the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS link.

  3. Locate your One Balance account and click on the blue Create Account button.


    The fields under "Account Information" will populate with the store information that you gave us when you signed up for your account. If you need to edit, you can do so.

  4. Enter your payment information. We do not store any payment information you gave us when you signed up. The card information you enter will be used for your postage balance with Stamps.

  5. Click on the check box to agree to Stamps' Terms of Service.

  6. Click on the blue Register Account button.


Notes about One Balance

Cannot use a P.O. Box to Register a One Balance Account

When creating an ShippingEasy One Balance account, you cannot use a P.O. Box for your address.

If your business only has a P.O. Box address, you can enter the address for your local post office instead.

To avoid registration errors, make sure the Post Office address validates with USPS by using this validation tool: USPS ZIP Code by Address Lookup.

Remove a One Balance account from ShippingEasy

If your One Balance account has been closed, you may wish to remove it from your ShippingEasy account. This allows you to open a new One Balance account.

To remove a closed One Balance account from ShippingEasy, email with your Account ID. Our Customer Success team will be able to disconnect the account.

Once the account has been removed, you will have the option to open a new One Balance account for free.

Suspended One Balance account

If you cannot purchase postage from within ShippingEasy, it may be that your One Balance account has been suspended.

You may encounter this error if ShippingEasy is not able to connect to your One Balance account:


SPECIAL USPS RATE ALERT(S) Messages from USPS:Your One Balance account has been suspended. Please Contact ShippingEasy Support for assistance.

ShippingEasy subscribers who need to unsuspend their account must contact Stamps at (855) 889-7867. This is the fastest way to reconnect and get shipping!

If this does not work, and you have recently changed your password, try resetting your password again. Learn how to reset your password.

There are a number of other reasons your account may be suspended. Find out why your account was suspended.


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