Syncing Older On-hold Order from Woocommerce


I use WooCommerce for my wholesale website. A number of my customers place orders to be invoiced and paid at a later date. These orders are made with the On-Hold order status. I manually change them to processing once their invoice has been approved and drafted. If more than 24 hours goes by Shipping Easy won't pull the order in, even when it is set to Processing. I have to chat with Customer Service to have someone recall the orders from the backend mulitple times a week. I should be able to adjust this on my own. Can we please just set our own sync dates?


I have a similar issue. Sometimes customers place order several weeks ahead of time with a specific delivery date in mind. I have to reach out to customer service each time. I understand that this may not be desirable to automate due to system impacts, but it would be ideal if there was a manual sync button or web hook we could use.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. 

I agree that this is a great feature request idea and could save you a good amount of time when these orders are ready to be synced over to ShippingEasy. I will forward your feedback to our Product Development team. 

Thank you for shipping with ShippingEasy!

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