Need to be able to search with Ctrl+F on "Shipment History" page. Please!!


I regularly need to search recipient's names, then select and group them so that I can send them to "print label" page together.  Then my colleague can print the group of labels that I selected. 

At the time that I purchase the postage for each order, I don't need to print them just yet. 

Every 4-5 days, I need to sort them for my colleague.  And there are about 60-80 names at a time.  So it is really helpful if I can find what I'm looking for with crtl+F, instead of looking for all those names on every line when I need to group them. 

Please make it possible.

Thank you so much in advance.


Agreed, you now have to scroll and repeatedly hit enter to find anything in the shipping history page.

The constant UI changes are a bit much and pointless. Today the create new label button got moved up by an inch. No added benefit and it is now harder to see.

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