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I enjoy many of the features of the ShippingEasy software. However, I think that it is unnecessary to have to click on USPS (carrier), then click on SERVICE, then do the same with UPS or FEDEX, compare prices and choose the cheaper option, or use the RATE CALCULATOR and do something similar. Since all the rate information is in the system, I think it would be a lot more user-friendly for us to simply enter the weight and box size and have the software AUTOMATICALLY indicate which is the cheapest option for the zone to which we are sending the package. The option to override the suggested carrier and service would need to still be a available because some customers state their preference. has a feature that automatically informs its users when a cheaper option exists, so I am sure ShippingEasy could do the same or better. To indicate the cheapest option right away would be the better.

Thanks for your consideration,

Glen Bontrager



Agreed, has anyone found a solution to this problem? Considering I ship thousands of packages per month its unreasonable to use shipingeasy unless they have this integration. I would lose thousands of dollars 

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