How can I post in the Inventory Feature Requests forum?


ShippingEasy's Inventory Integration provides access to new tools that help to better manage your products, inventory levels, fulfillment and purchasing. This forum will be used to share feedback about ShippingEasy's Inventory Management functionality. 

In the spirit of productive discussion and development, we request respectful comments and constructive criticism.

Our forums are managed by the ShippingEasy Support and Product Teams, but are run on a third party support software provided by Zendesk. The login required for posting to the forum is not the same as that required to log into ShippingEasy.

There are two options to log into these forums:

  • Use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.
  • Create a unique ShippingEasy Support account. Registration is free and easy, just click here.

Once logged in, you'll have the option to add comments to existing posts or create a new one of your own by clicking the New Post button.

To help our team manage the beta feedback best, please look for an existing thread related to your idea, and post a comment there, before creating a new post.

If you'd like to follow the answer to a thread, but don't want to post a comment,
select the Follow button, located to the right of the topic or post title.

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