Multiple inventory locations ( warehouse / bin) for one SKU and PRIORITIZE pick location


We have a warehouse and a store.  We need to be able to:

1) have multiple locations per SKU (warehouse location/inventory, and store location /inventory)

2) prioritize pick to the store inventory

3) be able to easily transfer quantity from one to the other

Has any one figured out a good way to do this?  Or is this a feature in the pipeline?





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UPDATE: ShippingEasy retired the Inventory Management subscription in June of 2020. Our Product Catalog stores a comprehensive list of the products you sell and allows you to add your product information to leverage product and SKU details to ship more efficiently. Learn more about our Product Catalog.

Existing Inventory Management subscribers will still have the ability to use the features specific to Inventory Management, however, we are no longer supporting new subscribers.

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Hi there, 

Thank you for your feedback. We're actually in the initial stages of researching how ShippingEasy can better support businesses with multiple inventory locations. So, I have a couple of follow up questions for you: 

  1. How do you determine which warehouse or store location an order should be shipped from? It sounds like you prioritize shipping from your store location, is that correct? Do you ever ship from your warehouse directly?
  2. How do you manage stock levels at your warehouse and store locations today?

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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I have the following warehouses: 

1.  "home" warehouse (@ business location) 

2.  Amazon USA warehouses 

3.  Amazon Canada warehouses

I sell on the followiong platforms 

1.  Company website (

2.  Ebay 

3.  Amazon USA 

4. Amazon Canada 

I divide my fulfillment into 3 types: 

1. Amazon Prime fulfillment (Amazon fulfillment included in purchase on Amazon)

2. Seller fulfilled (for most of my ebay,, and amazon seller fulfilled orders) 

3.  Amazon manual fulfillment (having amazon fulfill one of my orders from any channel.)

For example,  a buyer in USA buys a widget and said widget is out of stock at "home" warehouse; so I'll create a manual Amazon USA fulfillment order. 


How do I decide which warehouse to ship from? 

1.  If it's bought on with Amazon fulfillment, then it automatically ships from Amazon's warehouses. 

2.  If I have an item warehoused at Amazon Canada, I will have Amazon Canada fulfill all orders from buyers in Canada from any channel. 

3.  If I am low on stock or out of stock at 'home' warehouse, I may create a manual fulfillment order on Amazon. 


How I manage stock levels across warehouses. 

I can see inventory levels at each warehouse very easily (amazon keeps count, and then I keep my own counts at home warehouse, using shippineasy inventory management).  What is hard to see is my total inventory levels across all warehouses.  I only do that quarterly because it's very cumbersome.  I need to add the following: 

1.  Inventory at home warehouse, Amazon USA warehouse, and Amazon Canada warehouse 

2.  Inventory in transit to Amazon warehouses  (transferred from home warehouse) 

3.  Incoming inventory to home warehouse (from shippingeasy purchase orders).  

I know this all a bit much --great opportunity for shippingeasy to provide a valuable service. 






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Hi Joe, 

Thank you for your feedback. I've reached out to you via email so that we can discuss these suggestions in more detail. I really appreciate you taking the time to write all of this out for us. 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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Hello - I need this feature too

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Hi Renee,

Thanks for the post! We appreciate your feedback and have documented your request for multiple warehouse support in our app.

If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post and direct other customers to share their feedback here as well!

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We need this feature. We are currently using SkuVault but price is getting increasing every year and looking for other warehouse management platforms with multi locations & multi warehouses per SKU. 

Please advise if this feature is in the pipeline.  

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Hi Stacy, 

At this time, we don't have a specific release date for this feature but it is on our team's list to consider for prioritization. I've gone ahead and logged your support of this as well

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Hi, I would like to add my name to this also.

I intend to open a physical store in addition to my online business. Obviously, I would transfer some of my inventory to this store.

Shopify provides support for POS and for multiple inventory locations, but this does not carry over to ShippingEasy. I have experimented with it and while it looks very nice from the Shopify side, it becomes a huge mess as soon as anything syncs with ShippingEasy, since currently ShippingEasy can only send inventory updates to a main warehouse total. (For example, if I have 0 units in the main warehouse and 8 in the shop, and then I override the 8 to be an 11, ShippingEasy will send the 11 as the main warehouse total, so that Shopify will then think I have 19 across two locations.)

The OP requested ability to prioritize pick locations. That would be great. We would want to fulfill online order out of the main warehouse first, and then out of the physical store as needed. So ideally the order packer in the warehouse would fulfill everything they can, and then we'd be able to print a pick list of items to pull from the physical store.

Maybe there could be a way to auto-split those orders and assign them to a user. For example, if someone buys red-widget and blue-widget, and blue-widget only exists in the physical shop, the order would auto-split into two orders and the order for blue-widget would be assigned to the user who works at the physical store. 

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Hi Jennifer, 

Thanks for including your feedback on this request!  I’ve documented your request and it will be under consideration for prioritization. 

At this time, we do not have any new information on when this will be supported in our platform. Once there is an update, we will be sure to also update this post. 



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