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I would like to use ShippingEasy as my centralized inventory system. I currently sell on Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Etsy. I need to be able to push my "Total Available" quantity out to these sales channels. Here is an example that happened today:

I have 20 aprons of total stock between my warehouse and FBA. 1 in our warehouse, 19 at FBA. We just sold that 1 apron and shipped it from our warehouse. That product is now out of stock on Shopify, eBay and Etsy. If I want those products to be in stock, I must now go in and switch the inventory manually and then constantly readjust the inventory manually as the FBA stock is reduced.

The datapoint of "Total Inventory" is in the system. I would like to be able to toggle between pushing out "Stock" quantity and "Total Inventory" to my non-FBA sales channels. Without this feature ShippingEasy cannot be our centralized inventory system.

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Hi All,

Good news!

Support for reporting available inventory from FBA and your own local inventory has been added. This should make it easier for you to provide your total inventory across all of your stores. 

Our guide below will explain exactly how to set this up in your account.

Can I report my FBA inventory to non-Amazon stores?

Thank you for contributing to our forum and helping to bring this added feature to our app.

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Hi Scott, 

Thank you for your feedback. I've added a request to our inventory queue to allow you to control which inventory values are sent back to each of your connected stores. Specifically, the ShippingEasy managed inventory, the FBA management inventory, or the combined total of the two. 

In the meantime, I will direct any customers with similar requests to comment or follow on this post as well. Feedback helps us to learn how many customers are interested in each feature and prioritize what we should work on next. I will update this thread again once this work has been prioritized.

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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I would also like to have my Amazon FBA inventory synced out to other stores (eBay, Shopify, etc.), and similar to the original request it would be great to have the FBA quantity and a separate warehouse quantity that I have onhand in my facility and then combine them to a total available.

Having this one option to sync the FBA inventory out to other stores will allow ShippingEasy to be used for our company to dropship orders from Amazon. I have found that it is easy to make rules in ShippingEasy that automatically dropship orders from eBay and Shopify through Amazon MCF, but I cannot manually manage all those inventories to ensure I don't oversell. In order for us to continue using ShippingEasy this feature has to be developed.

Along with that, for products that have both an onhand quantity and an FBA quantity, ShippingEasy would have to recognize when an item was dropshipped via Amazon MCF or if it was fulfilled with my onhand quantity. It should be pretty simple since dropshipping is completed differently than fulfilling an item myself as a normal order. That way it doesn't subtract an onhand unit if it was fulfilled via Amazon MCF.

As a side note, it would be even better if there were an option to sync the FBA inventory 'minus 1' out to other stores. That way when my FBA inventory gets down to 1 unit available, ShippingEasy would tell my other stores that there is 0 left in order to reduce overselling that item since my main avenue of sales is on Amazon.

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Hi Evan,

Thank you for reaching out with your feedback! At this time, we don't have a specific release date for this feature but it is on our team's list to consider for prioritization. I've gone ahead and logged your support of this as well. 

If we hear this feature mentioned by any customers, we will ask them to comment to show their support as well! 

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We need this feature too. 

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Hi Renee,

Thanks for the post! We greatly appreciate your feedback and have documented your request for Multi-Channel Inventory control within our app.

If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post and direct other customers to share their feedback here as well!

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