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We would like to automatically send customers multiple emails all under one campaign.


Customer uses new sign up form, we want to send one email instantly, then another email in 30 days, then another email in 3 months, then one in 6 months, then one in a year. (I realize you can make separate campaigns, but we need do this this for 100 different email sequences and its best to have them under a single campaign)

Please consider this feature, it is very useful in MailChimp and I'm trying to drop them and use Shipping Easy for this.




Hi Chad, 

Thank you very much for your post! We greatly appreciate your feedback. I’ve documented your request and it will be under consideration for prioritization. 

We will keep an eye out for this post for additional feedback and comments. If we hear this request from anyone else, we will ask them to comment or vote for this post. 

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