Allow 2 (or more) categories to be assigned to an order


We categorize all our orders by processing/shipping type. They get assigned a category and the corresponding color (blue="FEDEX rush", red="USPS rush", brown="USPS slow", etc).

BUT ... some of our orders also include customization... and those get assigned to a different category: SERVICE HOLD. They are colored black.

We'd love to be able to see BOTH the processing color & the service color where applicable. That way we also know if the customization is supposed to be rushed.

It could be as simple as allowing 2 categories.... OR having some subcategories that allow for 2 color selections side by side.

It would/could also work if the color tabs were larger and you allowed mixed colors. With the current sizes of the color tabs I think splitting them would be harder on the eyes.




Thanks for taking the time to post on our forum. We have forwarded this request to our Product team for further review. 

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