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Will ShippingEasy plugin for WooCommerce be compatible with the new version (2.6) when it is released? There looks to be a lot of changes to the shipping system, including shipping method meta.

I would really love to see ShippingEasy communicate tracking numbers back to the WooCommerce site after the label is created in ShippingEasy. That would allow for customers to view the tracking number in their My Orders page and it would also allow us to use the WooCommerce email system for sending tracking info. If the tracking number was stored in the Order Meta, it could be attached to the Order Update Email which is sent to the customer. Just some thoughts!

Another feature we would love to see is the ability to exclude orders from being sent to ShippingEasy, based on the shipping method. For example, we have flat-rate and local-delivery shipping options on one store. It works great that the flat rate orders go to ShippingEasy, however so do the orders with local-delivery for the shipping method. I know this is possible with a few lines of code, but it would be great to filter that.




Hi Eric - Thanks for posting this feedback!

ShippingEasy does plan on supporting WooCommerce 2.6. In fact, we've already started building support for this version. You can read about it in our release notes:

If you follow that link, you'll also see that we recently added support for the Shipment Tracking plugin from WooThemes. This plugin allows WooCommerce merchants to provide tracking information to their customers. When using the plugin and ShippingEasy, merchants will see an entry from the plugin when an order is shipped via ShippingEasy. WooCommerce will also include the tracking information in their buyer notification emails. 

To access this new feature and the updates in preparation for WooCommerce 2.6, please download the WooCommerce ShippingEasy plugin v3.2.0 from WooThemes. We have more information about the integration here:

As for restricting which orders sync by shipping method, this is an interesting idea. Presently we allow you to control which orders sync based on order status. Have you tried this option? You can learn more about it here:

I'd be interested to know if this would work for you, and if not, why. Please post your comments below. Thanks!


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Hi Jennifer,

That's great to hear about the commitment to updates! We've been with WooCommerce for years now on 20+ websites and client websites. I always recommend ShippingEasy now that we discovered your service. Your commitment solidifies our choice with no doubts.

I am super happy to hear the recent support for the Shipment Tracking plugin. I will try this out immediately. When we first started using the ShippingEasy plugin, my only gripe was that tracking info was sent via ShippingEasy instead of via WooCommerce. So every time an order was placed the customer would get three emails (order confirmation [from Woo], order status update to complete [from Woo],  and tracking number [from ShippingEasy]), which I found to be annoying. Also the tracking number email from ShippingEasy never quite looked cohesive with the Woo emails without really customizing the HTML and CSS, but even then we were sad that the customers couldn't track their shipment through their WooCommerce My Account section of our websites.

As for restricting which orders sync by shipping method, yes we do use the based on order status method to sync. We do currently set up all of our sites like this:
1. Order placed -> Order Status = Processing -> Sync to ShippingEasy
2. Shipping label created -> Order status update = Completed

However, a second filter of Shipping Method would be really nice. Example:
IF Order Status = Processing AND Chosen Shipping Method = Flat Rate THEN sync to ShippingEasy.

Something to this effect (NOT TESTED) could perhaps lead to doing this manually. I am not very experienced in PHP but someone who is could probably understand how to make this actually work. If the developers have any thoughts about considering implementation I would love to do a beta test!

global $woocommerce;
    $order = new WC_Order( $order_id ); // get order for context

    $chosen_methods = WC()->session->get( 'chosen_shipping_methods' );
    $chosen_shipping = $chosen_methods[0]; // get chosen shipping method

    if ( $order->status == 'placed' ) { // if order is placed
        if ( $chosen_shipping == 'local_pickup' ) { // and shipping method is local pickup
            $order->update_status('preparing_order', 'order_note'); // update to an order status that WON'T trigger sync with shippingeasy
        } else {
            $order->update_status('processing', 'order_note'); // update to an order status that WILL trigger sync with shippingeasy
    } else {}
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Hi Eric - Thanks so much for recommending ShippingEasy to other merchants. If you're not familiar with our EasyReferral program, I highly recommend that you check it out: FAQs: EasyReferral

I hope that the Shipment Tracking plugin works out well for you. We think that this will help solve a lot of customer service issues for WooCommerce merchants.

As for restricting which orders sync by shipping method, I really appreciate the extra details. In chatting with the team, it doesn't sound like we'll be prioritizing this enhancement soon. However, I have another solution within ShippingEasy that may solve your problem:

Construct a Shipping Rule that clears orders as they sync based on the requested service.

ShippingEasy's Shipping Rules provides nearly two dozen condition options, including requested service. Among the number of actions, is an option to "clear orders" as the sync if they meet the established criteria.

For instance, you could draft a rule that states:

IF: Requested services is not equal to Flat Rate

THEN: Clear the order

You could further refine this rule to affect only orders from specific stores or those containing specific products, among other options.

Should this solution interest you, I recommend taking a look at these articles:

There is one main point of caution: once an order has been cleared from ShippingEasy, it cannot be synced again. This is an intentional block to prevent shipping the same order twice.

I'd be interested to know if you set this up and how it works for you.


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