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I want to be able to assign products to a specific supplier. So when I create a new PO to a specific supplier, only those SKU's should be able to be added.



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Hi Nivitel, 

Thank you for your post and for this great suggestion! We recently added the ability to associate your suppliers and products with one another. When you do this there is also an option to save a Supplier SKU and Unit Cost for each supplier and product combination. I have detailed the steps on how to set this up in another thread, which you can review here:

As for restricting which product(s) can be added to a purchase order based on the supplier assignments this is still something that our team is working on. We're continuing to make updates to the supplier and product association so I will update this post again once we have added additional restrictions and/or options to this process. 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]


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UPDATE: ShippingEasy retired the Inventory Management subscription in June of 2020. Our Product Catalog stores a comprehensive list of the products you sell and allows you to add your product information to leverage product and SKU details to ship more efficiently. Learn more about our Product Catalog.

Existing Inventory Management subscribers will still have the ability to use the features specific to Inventory Management, however, we are no longer supporting new subscribers.

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