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It would be very helpful if the Export of the Complete Shipping Report had the parsed columns for the Shipping and Billing addresses in separate columns.

Instead of one column for the address, have one for the street address, one for the city, one for the state, one for the zip code.



Hello Jim,

Thank you very much for reaching out. We recently  deployed this feature and you can select it under a custom columns for shipping addresses! You can add this into the complete shipping report by selecting "Show/ Hide Columns." They will be listed as Destination Postal Code, Destination Line 1, Destination Line 2, and Destination Phone. 

You can also create a custom report with this data. You can even schedule the report to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly to your email inbox if you need this as a recurring report type. 


Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product]

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