New 'Filter' field staying populated is driving us Crazy!


When you search for an order to clear on the orders page, then select that order and then clear the order, why in the world would you want the order number to stay as a filter.

If another user really wants this feature, make it an option for them to turn it on, but please, for the rest of us, turn that feature off by default!


We have the same issue. Every time we filter by category, we pay the price for it. We always have to remember to Reset the filter, but that doesn't happen every time. We've missed printing orders due to this issue.

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Release Notes 1/30/2018:

  • Added a new User preference: Remember Filter Settings. By default this is enabled. The feature can be found under the Logged in as menu > My Profile. When the Remember Filter Settings field is toggled to:
    • Enable: ShippingEasy preserves the last filter settings on the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.
    • Disable: ShippingEasy will reset the page filters each time the user navigates away from the ORDERS or SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.


Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

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