shipping tracking numbers DO NOT UPDATE back to amazon if i cancel a shipping label and buy a new one.

Not planned

i thought my customers were being informed of their packages of my live shrimp and now i find that they were not informed and all the poor creatures perished because the customer had no idea the package had been left at their front door because they only had the first tracking number which was the one that we bought first but was too small so we cancelled it and paid for a larger package and heavier weight.

Amazon and/or Shipping easy need to figure out how to make this work.

It is silly for me to have to go back and edit my shipments when the information is there but Amazon won't allow shipping easy to modify the tracking information that they have just given them.


I guess the better question is "Which shippers DOES Amazon allow the shipper to edit the data when there has been a new shipping label printed with a different tracking number.



Thanks for taking the time to post in our forum. Unfortunately, this is a restriction set by Amazon, so it is not something ShippingEasy can implement or change within our code. 

I would recommend reaching out to Amazon directly to see which, if any, third-party shippers are allowed to use updated tracking numbers. 

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