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In order to make Customer Marketing full-featured, it'd be great to have a way for customers to add themselves to a list.

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Great news! We have released a new feature within Customer Marketing called Signup Forms. This is located under the Marketing tab in the blue bar. 

Customer Marketing signup contacts are single opt-in by default. This means each time someone fills out and submits your signup form, we will automatically add them to your primary contact list as Available for Marketing.  This makes it easier for people to join your list, which can be helpful if you're selling a product or capturing customers on the go.

Note: Double opt-in is not currently supported with the Customer Marketing feature. 

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Happy Shipping!

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Hi Ryan,

This is definitely something on our radar and something you can expect to see in 2019. Stay tuned!


Product Manager, Customer Marketing

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Patrick, is ShippingEasy still on track to release this in 2019?  HUGE need for this.

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