Sort by Business Name in Marketing Contact List


The email marketing contact list can be sorted by a decent amount of fields but one that is missing is being able to sort by Business Name. From there you can create a specific email list for businesses separate from basic end-user customers. 

Also, with some investigation, I noticed that the contact list does not have a place for a Business Name. Why would this be excluded? I've imported thousands of contacts and not one has the Business Name that was associated with it when I chose that specific field to import.

I really liked that SE has this email marketing feature but I might have to stick with MailChimp if this cannot be corrected.


Hi McBay Performance,

Great catch, and apologies. We'll work on getting this added in April. 

In the interim, I would recommend using our Tags feature as a way to work around this. You can assign tags to customers to identify their business and associate them that way.


Product Manager, Customer Marketing

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