Split Shipment Email - Item 1 of 3 Delivered


We currently send out orders that are mostly kits with multiple items and end up being split shipments. While we do make sure each item is listed in the split shipment, we get customers receiving their first "Order Delivered" email, not reading the items it in, and asking where the rest of their order is. ShippingEasy used to have all of the tracking numbers in one email, however that has been removed since one email for multiple addresses is not the best. Since multiple shipment and delivery emails are being sent, our team and customers would love it if a split shipment would say "Order 1 of [x] Sent" or even just "Order 1 of [x] Delivered".



Thank you very much for your post! We greatly appreciate your feedback. I’ve documented your request and it will be under consideration for prioritization. 

We will keep an eye out for this post for additional feedback and comments. If we hear this request from anyone else, we will ask them to comment or vote for this post. 

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