Gift Wrap Type: Amazon Integration


There is no way for packing slips to show the "Gift Wrap Type" from Amazon orders.  Currently ShippingEasy only pulls the information from Amazon for a "Gift Message", but does not show the "Gift Wrap Type" that was selected by the customer.  Amazon allows for customers to select different Gift Wrap options, so our team needs to know which option the customer selected.  Also, customers can leave a Gift Message without adding Gift Wrap, or add a Gift Wrap option without leaving a Gift Message.  So this information needs to be shown independently. 

We need a Packing Slip Variable that can be inserted into our ShippingEasy packing slip template to show the "Gift Wrap Type" information.  Currently our team has to go in to Amazon and individually look up every order that has been marked as a gift to see which type of Gift Wrap they ordered.




Thanks for taking the time to post to our forum. We have forwarded your request to our Product team for further review. 

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