QR Code Option for Return Labels Feature Request


USPS supports the ability to generate QR codes for return labels so that users that are unable to print can take their QR code to the Post Office and the PO clerk can scan the QR code to print out the label out for them. 

On platforms such as ebay, when you issue a return label to your customer by buying it from eBay, the customer has the option to select to download the PDF or generate a QR code. This option has been available to ebay customer for some time now. I purchase return labels via Shippingeasy and manually upload it as it is 85-90cents cheaper this way but Shippingeasy does not currently support QR codes with return labels.

Today I received a message from a customer that has requested a return that they need a QR code instead of the PDF label as their printer is down. In this case, it would be great to have an option in shippingeasy to go to the return label in shipment history, and simply click the more actions button to reveal an option to generate a QR code.

Instead I have now asked the customer to find a way to print a label and that I don't mind waiting an extra 2 weeks if required which is quite inconvenient for both of us.

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