Shopify shops needs to Sync AUTHORIZED status


Shopify has the ability to collect the payment once the order is fulfilled if the payment was Authorized which is different than a simply unpaid order. if you choose this option orders wont sync to shipping easy as they are not completely paid.

nowadays shopify integration offers to sync paid and unpaid orders only, Authorized orders have an authorization number that is a commitment of paying the goods, different than unpaid orders for failed payment methods or other reasons.

I think this is a must for today's e-commerce needs and should be very simple to implement from the code perspective.


Hi Diego,

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. I agree that it would be a vast improvement for our Shopify integration to map "authorized" as a paid status. I apologize that we do not have that option, at this time, but there is a workaround for the time being. In ShippingEasy, you can go to Settings > Stores and Orders > Edit Store Settings > Orders Tab > check the box to sync unpaid and unfulfilled orders. This will enable ShippingEasy to sync orders in an "authorized" status, from Shopify. In the meantime, I am sharing your feature request with our product team. 

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