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Currently the Store Drop Down filter works with check boxes where a query limits the data - e.g. select orders from account where store = 'store1'.  I would like to see a not equals version - e.g. select orders from account where store <> 'store1'.  I find the need to eliminate Amazon FBA orders all the time.  Because I have around 10 stores that only way to do this is to click checkboxes for 9 of the stores and submit.  But I only want to eliminate one store.  Either a not equals ability OR the ability to save a custom selection to reuse would be very helpful.

Since I'm discussing Amazon it would also be nice to separate Amazon FBA from FBM in the metrics dashboard OR give us a little icon that makes a call to fetch the fba vs fbm data in a pop-up modal window.  I care less about what Amazon sold FBA than what I'm averaging in shipping myself with SE.



Hey there,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with our team! 

I believe these are great feature requests and could optimize your workflow. I'll share this feedback with our Product Development team and should an update arise we will let our merchants know.  

As always, thank you for shipping with ShippingEasy!

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