Tracking Number on the Printout is Different Than Number in my Order


This must be a bug...  I sent an envelope to Dublin Ireland.  The tracking number on the label looks like it is a US tracking.  The tracking number that shows in my order history looks like an international tracking number (Starts with the letter "U".  When I track both numbers the one with the International Tracking number is showing that the envelope is currently in:

NEW YORK, NY, 11430
Today - 6:00 pm, US
The US Tracking number is showing:
Your item has been delivered and is available at a PO Box at 11:23 am on August 1, 2023 in SOUTH HACKENSACK, NJ 07606.
I have a free account so I'm not "allowed" to speak with anyone here.  When there is a real problem, like a possible bug in the system, I should be able to speak with someone in tech.
Is my envelope going to Ireland or was it delivered in South Hackensack, NJ????

This issue has been resolved.  Apparently they made a change and use a domestic tracking number to ship the item to the Processing Facility.  Then Processing Facility puts the International tracking number that was generated on the envelope.  

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