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I have about 1500 unique SKUs that are all media products. They are either Audio CD, Audio cassette, VHS, DVD, HD DVD, DVD Audio, Blu-ray, and/or 4KUHD. It would be nice to have a column that's dedicated to "Format" or some type of customizable column that would help me be able to filter / organize my products by format. I'm currently having to put the format into the title name and it just doesn't look as professional as it could and it also makes sorting the titles by format much more difficult. Thank you for your consideration.


Hey there,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with our team! 

I believe this is great feature request and could optimize your workflow.

I'll share this feedback with our Product Development team and should an update arise we will let our merchants know.  

As always, thank you for shipping with ShippingEasy!

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