4"x6" labels but in PDF landscape orientation its 6"x4"



Your setup of 4" x 6" labels doesn't correspond to an accurate representation in the PDFs, because in PDFs the orientation is landscape which means the size is 6"x4" which means labels are getting cut-off and not printing accurately. The PDF output should be portrait for an accurate representation of the labels, also, why 4"x6" labels are in landscape, I never seen them sold like this, as they always come on a roll, in portrait orientation. I am coming from ShipStation software, they don't have such issue. 4x6" prints as portrait, not landscape. The suggestion to rotate the labels in the PDF, why? it should come natively correct in the first place. Please consider.


Hi Anna, thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback about the PDF outputs for labels generated in ShippingEasy. This is great insight for us to improve the platform. I will make sure to pass this along to ShippingEasy's product team. 

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