Send Sellers an Email When an API Disconnects


Ebay dropped my API again, this seems to be a yearly thing with them as I guess that want people to accept their latest API agreement.  Ebay does not send out an email to sellers when they disconnect a seller's API and I have called and told them many times they need to send email when they disconnect the API.  Not all sellers get orders everyday and will not assume anything is wrong if there are no orders.

My feature request is not regarding just Ebay.  It is for any API currently working and connected to ShippingEasy that is detected as disconnected from outside of ShippingEasy when was prior active.  The seller needs an email warning message stating API feed for whatever shippingeasy selling website on your account was disconnected by external party, please check your API connection for the site.

As a seller we cannot count on the marketplaces/selling websites to send notice to us sellers of an API from going active status to down status.  ShippingEasy already is watching these APIs all day long.  So when something goes down please generate an email to the seller that some API went down.  I like orders to ship on time too, however, orders will be delayed when API does down if as seller we do not figure out that quickly enough.  Need some help here; have your system send out an email like I'm saying, that would be helpful.


Hello Eric,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out with this feature request! 

I agree that it is an excellent idea for ShippingEasy to send an email notification when a store platform disconnects from ShippingEasy. I will share this feedback with our product development team!

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach back out.


ShippingEasy's Merchant Support Team

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