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Carrier Sub Accounts allow you to ship using multiple carrier accounts and can be applied manually on the BATCHES page, per store, or via a Shipping Rule.

Review the most common questions and answers regarding Sub Accounts.

Can I assign a Sub Account to a specific user?

Yes. You can assign a Sub Account to a user by setting up a Shipping Rule.

  1. Set the IF action to Store | Is equal to | Store name

  2. Set the THEN action to Assign to Sub Account | Store name

  3. Add a second THEN action to Assign to a user | User name

To ensure the rule works properly, you must verify that the right Ship From address is assigned to the correct store and is not set in multiple places. Learn more about assigning Ship From addresses.

Is there a Shipping Rule action that will assign a Sub Account to an order?

Yes. The Shipping Rule action is Assign Sub Account, allowing you to assign an order to any Sub Account. Using a Shipping Rule is useful when specific types of orders should ship via a carrier account that is not associated with the store's Sub Account. Learn more about Shipping Rules.

Which Sub Account does Browse Rates use?

Browse Rates allow you to compare rates across carriers. The rates displayed depend on where you are accessing those rate quotes:

  • In the ShippingEasy left navigation bar: when you click Rate Calculator, the Default Sub Account's carrier accounts display shipping rates.

  • On the ORDERS page: when you select the Browse Rates from the Actions menu for an order, the Default Sub Account's carrier accounts display shipping rates.

  • On the BATCHES page: when you click the Browse Rates link, the current selected Sub Account's carriers are used for displaying shipping rates.

Is the rate comparison feature on BATCHES supported?

No. The Savings Alert "Change Service" button will not appear on BATCHES when your ShippingEasy account has been configured to use Sub Accounts.

Can I override the Sub Account assignment when creating a shipment?

Yes. The BATCHES page has a drop-down list of Sub Accounts. Selecting a Sub Account will enable access to that Sub Account's carrier accounts. The Sub Accounts available depend on the store used to place the order.

  • Shipment is associated with an integrated store: the list will contain two entries - the Sub Account associated with the store and the Default Sub Account.

  • Manual Orders store shipments: all Sub Accounts, including the Default Sub Account, will be listed.

Are Sub Accounts displayed on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page?

No. The "Carriers" filter on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page will show all carriers across all Sub Accounts. To limit SHIPMENT HISTORY results to the shipments for a specific Sub Account, use the "Store" filter. Learn more about using filters to locate shipments on SHIPMENT HISTORY.

Are USPS SCAN forms automatically created for all Sub Accounts?

No. The USPS SCAN FORM page requires you to select the Sub Account for which you want to generate a SCAN form.

Can I duplicate a shipment label that I created in a Sub Account?

Yes. You can duplicate shipments from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

Archived Sub Accounts

If the Sub Account used to create the original shipment has been archived, you will need to specify a different Sub Account to create the duplicate shipment.


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