Rate Quote Recommendations for Instant Rate

ShippingEasy uses rate quote recommendations that make getting shipping rates quick and effortless. Rate quote recommendations allow you to get your labels if no other shipping setting applies.

A rate quote recommendation automatically assigns a carrier, service, and packaging option on the ORDERS page to orders that meet the requirements of having a verified address and weight for the order. An eligible order will then display the cost and recommended service to the left of the order:


Notes about Rate Recommendations:

  • Shipping rules or a default preset for all orders will precede an instant rate recommendation. This feature will only offer suggestions for orders with no other preset applied to them.

Receiving Recommended Rates for Orders

ShippingEasy will assign a carrier and service using a hierarchy. Each entry in the hierarchy overrides all entries below in the following order:

  1. Manually selecting Shipping Presets from the Shipping Selection drop-down menu.

  2. Shipping Rules

  3. Previous Selection

  4. Having a Shipping Preset automatically applied by default

  5. Rate Recommendations

Hovering over the "i" icon will show you how the rate was determined.


Orders Not Available for Rate Recommendations

Rate recommendations will not be assigned to:

  • Domestic orders that have no weight: ShippingEasy will not be able to recommend a carrier or service.

  • Amazon orders: Merchant Fulfilled order labels are generated through Amazon Buy Shipping API.

  • International orders: ShippingEasy does not recommend a carrier or service for international shipments.

Purchasing your label with Instant Rate

  1. Find the order you want to ship.

  2. Review the carrier service assigned. If you want to change the carrier and service, select a different Shipping Preset from the drop-down menu.

    instant rate dropdown button


    The "Shipping Selections" drop-down menu contains Previous Selections and Shipping Presets. These options will be displayed separately.

  3. After you select an entry, ShippingEasy will display the rate quote.

  4. Click on Buy Label to purchase your label.

    Example of buying a label using Instant Rate.
  5. It is time to print your label!


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