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If you are having issues with ShippingEasy not sending inventory updates to your store, the issue could be related to the permissions set within ShippingEasy or in your connected store. We recommend checking the following settings within ShippingEasy to ensure inventory updates are sent correctly between the app and your store:

eBay Inventory Troubleshooting

eBay inventory updates can only take place if each of your product listings is active. Once a listing ends, or is no longer active on eBay, ShippingEasy is no longer able to send updates for the Product SKU. Check these settings to make sure your listings are active:

  • Set listings to "Good Til' Canceled".

    Setting your listing duration to "Good Til' Canceled" ensures that your listing remains active and does not expire before all of your inventory has been sold.

  • Enable  the "Out-Of-Stock" setting.

    Enabling this setting means that your listings will remain active, but hidden from eBay search results, until more stock is received. Learn more about enabling "Out-Of-Stock" in eBay.

    Once an eBay listing goes to zero (or has no remaining inventory) it will end, unless the "Out-Of-Stock" feature has been enabled.

Magento 2 Inventory Troubleshooting

Magento 2 products with different configurations (such as colors or sizes), must use a 'configurable' product type and add configurations with their own specific SKU.

ShippingEasy cannot update the inventory for a simple product that uses 'customizable options' to implement different product configurations. Learn how to configure Magento 2 products for inventory management:

Shopify Inventory Troubleshooting

In order to update the inventory levels in your Shopify store, ShippingEasy needs permission to modify your store. This includes permission to modify products, variants, and collections in your Shopify store.

To do this, you will need to update your Shopify App Permissions. Then update your store integration with ShippingEasy.

Review your Shopify App Permissions:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store and select Apps on the left side of the account.

  2. Click on About next to the ShippingEasy application.

  3. Review the App Permissions. You must ensure that ShippingEasy has access to modify the products, variants, and collections permission line.


    Read access is not sufficient for sending inventory updates back to your store.

If your ShippingEasy App Permissions do not match those listed above you will need to delete the ShippingEasy app and reconnect your store again via the ShippingEasy Store Settings page.

Update your Shopify store integration with ShippingEasy:

  1. Select Delete displayed next to the ShippingEasy App in your Shopify Apps, the click the Delete button on the Remove ShippingEasy modal.

  2. Go back to your ShippingEasy account and go to your Shopify store listing under STORES & ORDERS. Your Shopify store will now show as disconnected.

  3. Click to Re-connect to re-activate your store.

  4. Select Save to reconnect your store. You will be taken to Shopify. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

    Once logged in, Shopify will direct you to a screen titled "You're about to Install ShippingEasy Connect". Find the Install App button at the bottom of this screen and click it.

You have now reconnected your store and granted ShippingEasy access to modify products, variants, and collections. ShippingEasy should now be able to send inventory updates to your store.

Walmart Inventory Troubleshooting

Currently, ShippingEasy only supports seller accounts. We do not support Supplier accounts in Walmart. If you are a Walmart Seller account experiencing inventory update issues, see the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check if your product SKU includes punctuation.

    ShippingEasy can only update Walmart Product SKU's that do not include a slash "/" in the SKU. While Walmart's user interface does support Product SKUs with slashes "/", their API (that facilitates the transmission of SKU's to ShippingEasy) does not, which leads to this limitation.

  • Check if you have updated your store using the newest integration method.

    In May 2019, Walmart required a new method of integration using a Client ID and Client Secret. All existing Walmart users are required to reintegrate their store using this method by July 2019. Learn how to integrate your store using this method.

WooCommerce Inventory Troubleshooting

Enable the "Manage stock?" inventory setting in WooCommerce

In order for the inventory updates to be sent by ShippingEasy, you'll first need to edit your product and tick the box "Enable Stock Management" . Learn more about configuring inventory options in WooCommerce.


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