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Creating a multi-tenant team is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of any shipping operation. This opens up the option to designate a specific address to each user, create individualized workstations with unique hardware configurations, and assign orders to specific team members automatically.

Requirements for Additional User Subscriptions

Add an Additional User Login

  1. Click the Add New button.

    Add new button marked on Users page
  2. Fill in the user's First NameLast Name, and Email fields. Select or unselect the account permissions you would like the user to have access to. Then, click the Invite User button.

    User form and permissions page
    Invite user button on users page
  3. An email is sent to the email address specified for the new user and to the ShippingEasy account owner. Click the link within the email to complete setting up the new account. The ACTIVATE ACCOUNT modal will be opened.

    The link is time-sensitive..

    Easy new account invite email link highlighted
  4. Fill out the First Name, Last Name, Password, and Password Confirmation fields. Then, click the Activate Account button.

    Activate Account modal from email invite

Edit a User Login

  1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the secondary user name you wish to edit.

    The Account Owner cannot be edited.

    Click the pencil icon to the right of the user.
  2. Edit the user's information as needed. Then, click the UPDATE button.


Delete a User

ShippingEasy does not allow for the full deletion of a user since many of the custom Reports allow you to track shipments per user. Instead, the user can be archived and no longer granted login access to the account. Furthermore, the archived user no longer counts against the total number of allowed users for the account.

You can archive a user on the USERS page and even restore them later if necessary.

  1. Click on the X icon to the right of the secondary user name you'd like to archive.

    The Account Owner cannot be archived.

    X archive user select on users page
  2. Click the OK button to confirm that, in fact, you do want to archive the user. You will be notified that the user has been successfully archived.

    confirmation popup to delete user on Users page
    User has been archived banner message

Restore an Archived User

After archiving a user, the user is still visible on the USERS page, the user is marked as Archived , and the icon to the right of the user name has changed to the Restore user icon.

Restore an archived user by clicking on the Restore user icon to the right of the user name. You will be notified that the user has been successfully restored.

Restore checkbox marked on archived user
User has been restored banner


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