UPS for ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy provides the option to connect your own UPS accounts, allowing you to access UPS services and negotiated rates right from ShippingEasy.

UPS Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active UPS account

  • UPS account number

  • Rate Type

  • Most recent invoice

Connect UPS to ShippingEasy

To connect a UPS account to ShippingEasy:

  1. Click the Connect UPS button.

  2. Under UPS Account Information, insert your UPS Account Number (also known as your UPS Shipper Number).

  3. Choose the Rate Type from the drop-down:

    • Customer Counter

    • Daily Pickup

    • One Time Pickup

    You can change your pickup options, or schedule a pickup, via your UPS account settings. Learn more about UPS pickup options.

  4. Specify the Return Shipment Method you want to use for return labels.

  5. Check the box for UPS SurePost enabled if your UPS account includes SurePost services. Learn more about SurePost.

  6. Next, enter the "UPS Invoice Information" for your account. Use a paper or downloaded invoice from within the past 45 days and carefully insert this data.


    When entering the Invoice Amount, omit the $ sign and only enter a numeric value. Ex: 20.16.

  7. Check Yes, I Have Negotiated Rates if this is set up on UPS. This will allow UPS to return your rates on the READY TO SHIP page for your shipments. If rates are not enabled, you will receive a warning message that negotiated rates on the account are not enabled. Learn more about UPS negotiated rates.

  8. Verify your "Company Details". Please ensure the contact details entered match exactly what is on your UPS invoice. UPS is especially particular on the data entry for two specific fields:

    • Postal Code: only enter the first 5 digits of the billing zip code. Ex: 78765

    • Phone Number: enter with all numerical digits - no dashes/hyphens/spaces. Ex: 5555555555

  9. Review the "Terms and Conditions". Once finished, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and select the Yes, I accept this agreement.

  10. Click Connect Account.


UPS has a very sensitive authentication process. Be sure to enter the required information carefully, paying careful attention to punctuation and capitalization. If you have 3 failed connection attempts, your account will be locked out for a 24 hour period.

UPS Available Services and Carrier Options

Find UPS Invoice & Access My Rates

ShippingEasy supports connecting your existing UPS account in order to access your negotiated rates. You can view your most current UPS rates within your ShippingEasy account once the integration is complete.

Finding Your UPS Invoice

In order to find your UPS invoice information to integrate with ShippingEasy, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the UPS Billing Center using your profiles username and password.

  2. Select the Invoice & Archive History tab from the "Overview page".

  3. Search for a date range to view Open/Past Due invoices.

  4. Select an invoice, and download it.

Using Your UPS Invoice to Access Negotiated Rates in ShippingEasy

To use this information to register with ShippingEasy, you will need the following information from your invoice:

  1. The billing address associated with the UPS account.

  2. Your invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount and control ID.

    The invoice number, date and control ID  can be found at the top right of your invoice.

    The invoice amount is the total dollar value due for the invoice.



For questions about your invoice, please call UPS directly: 800-811-1648 (Mon-Fri 8am-9pm ET).

Special Considerations for UPS

Adding Insurance to UPS Shipments

  • When using negotiated rates insurance costs will display within the total rate.

    ready to ship page showing the shipping cost total when using negotiated rates with insurance added.
  • When negotiated rates are not being used, the insurance cost will be broken out in the total rate.

    Shipping cost with no negotiated rates. The insurance is broken out within the total

UPS Rate and Billing Information

  • Once you create a shipment, you are billed by UPS directly based on the rates you negotiated with UPS.

  • When a package is delivered, the mail carrier will determine the final cost, including any surcharges. If you are being charged a different amount in UPS from what is shown in ShippingEasy, it is possible that there are additional surcharges for your shipment. Learn more about UPS surcharges.

  • The rates you receive for UPS are only quotes. UPS reserves the right to add additional fees to a shipment after it has been delivered.

Carrier Forms

  • UPS Customs Forms must be printed out and all three copies affixed to the package unless Paperless Invoicing is enabled. Learn how to print UPS Commercial Invoices within ShippingEasy.

  • UPS Paperless Invoice is a free service that eliminates paper invoices by electronically transferring your shipping information to UPS, thereby expediting the clearance process for Customs officials.

  • UPS Paperless Invoice also provides an electronic NAFTA Certificate of Origin for shipments to and from the United States and Canada. The NAFTA Certificate can help you get preferential duty treatments.

  • For UPS and UPS One Balance shipments that require the merchant Tax ID to be filled out, once you print the Customs Form you will see a field at the top of the form where you can include this information.


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