UPS Mail Innovations with ShippingEasy

UPS Mail Innovations is a combined effort between UPS and USPS that ships domestically and internationally. With UPS Mail Innovations, packages are picked up by UPS and delivered to recipients by USPS. This allows UPS Mail Innovations more flexible and convenient deliveries.

UPS Mail Innovations is a contracted service. Contact your UPS account manager to enable your UPS account for Mail Innovations.

UPS Mail Innovations is Only Available for Existing UPS Accounts

UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance does not support Mail Innovations.

UPS Mail Innovations Integration Requirements

If you have connected your existing UPS account to ShippingEasy, you can enable UPS Mail Innovations through your settings. Learn more about connecting your UPS account to ShippingEasy.

Connection Requirements:

  • Bring Your Own Carrier Account enabled

  • An active UPS account with UPS Mail Innovations enabled by UPS.

  • UPS Mail Innovations Cost Center number. The Cost Center is displayed on all UPS Mail Innovations shipping labels.

Connect UPS Mail Innovations to ShippingEasy

To configure your ShippingEasy account to use UPS Mail Innovations:

  1. Scroll down to the entry for UPS and click Manage Account.

    Box highlights Manage Account link in UI
  2. Check the box for UPS Mail Innovations.

    Box highlights checked box showing UPS Mail Innovations enabled
  3. Fill in your Cost Center. If you do not know your Cost Center, contact your UPS account manager.

    Box highlights Cost Center ID in UI
  4. Click Update.

Available Services and Carrier Options

Special Considerations for UPS Mail Innovations

Shipping with UPS Mail Innovations

  • UPS Mail Innovations packages are inducted into the USPS network within 48 hours of pickup by UPS. USPS will then deliver the package within one to five days.

  • UPS Mail Innovations does not operate on weekends. Be sure to plan accordingly if you need your shipment to get to your recipient before a Saturday or Sunday.

  • End of Day manifests are not required to ship UPS Mail Innovations shipments. Information about each shipment is already electronically submitted to UPS during the label creation process.

  • The order number is used as the Package ID value on a UPS Mail Innovations shipping label.


    If the order does not have an order number, "ID" will be printed for the Package ID.

  • Prepaid UPS Mail Innovations return labels are not supported.

  • UPS does not provide insurance for UPS Mail Innovations shipments. You can, however, purchase insurance through Shipsurance, our partner for shipment insurance. Learn more about adding Shipsurance to your shipments in ShippingEasy.

Rate Quotes

  • The software for UPS Mail Innovations provided to ShippingEasy by UPS does not provide shipping rates for Mail Innovations shipments. You will not see a cost on the ORDERS, BATCHES, READY TO PRINT, or SHIPMENT HISTORY pages in ShippingEasy.


  • UPS Mail Innovations does not include a label barcode or a live tracking number for domestic and international shipments using the BPM Flats, Standard Flat, or Flats package types.

  • Delays in tracking updates or loss of the ability to track your package may occur when your package is handed off from UPS to USPS. UPS Mail Innovations advises shippers and recipients to expect your packages to arrive normally, as this has been known to happen.

International Shipping

  • For international shipments, ShippingEasy always prints a single 4x6 shipping label.

  • Customs information is printed on the UPS Mail Innovations shipping label for international shipments. Customs forms do not need to be printed separately.

  • For all countries where UPS supports electronic submission of customs information, customs information for your UPS Mail Innovations shipments will be sent automatically as part of the label creation process.

  • The software for UPS Mail Innovations provided to ShippingEasy by UPS does not support specifying a shipper name for the signature line of an international Mail Innovations shipment.

    Even if your International Settings in ShippingEasy specify a name to include as the signature on customs forms, the signature line on UPS Mail Innovations labels will always be blank.

Disconnect a Carrier

If you want to disconnect a carrier, simply click Disconnect to the right of the carrier name:

Box highlights Disconnect option


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