DHL Express with ShippingEasy

DHL Express is an international postage provider for those time-critical shipments for ecommerce sellers. You can access third-party rate providers and bill a domestic third party for postage costs. DHL Express has a network covering over 220 countries and territories worldwide. View our DHL Express Rate Overview.

Interested in shipping with DHL Express? Contact DHL Express to request an account.

DHL Express Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

Connect DHL Express to ShippingEasy

To connect a DHL Express account to ShippingEasy:

  1. Scroll down to the entry for DHL Express and click Connect DHL Express.

    DHL Express option under "Connect your own carrier accounts" in One Balance and Carriers settings white "Connect DHL Express" button highlighted
  2. Fill in your Account Number.

    DHL Express Account Information setup window with required Account Number box highlighted
  3. Click Connect Account.

Available Services

The following international shipping services are available for DHL Express in ShippingEasy:

  • EXPRESS 9:00

  • EXPRESS 12:00


Special Considerations for DHL Express

Shipping with DHL Express

  • Shipping to the Republic of Ireland: As of July 2, 2023, the inclusion of the correct Eircode (Postal Code) for shipments entering the Republic of Ireland (ROI) is mandatory on all DHL Express shipments. Learn more about and look up Eircodes on the Eircode website.

  • DHL Express shipments are invoiced directly by the carrier, not ShippingEasy.

  • DHL Express does not support canceling shipping labels. Your account will not be charged if the label has not yet been scanned into the carrier system.

  • DHL Express does not support return labels.

  • ShippingEasy does not support creating DHL Express shipments for destinations in US Territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc.).

  • The shipment date can be set up to 10 days before the current date on a DHL Express shipment. Learn how to advance the ship date.

  • DHL Express applies a dimensional weight calculation to all shipments. You should enter dimensions when creating a DHL Express shipment in ShippingEasy.

  • When billing customs duties to a third party, DHL Express charges a $15.00 per shipment fee that is not added to the rate quote.

Rate Quotes

  • The software provided to ShippingEasy by DHL Express does support the display of rate quotes for your shipping labels on the ORDERS page.

    Before you purchase a label, you will see a postage estimate based on the package information you've entered and the rates associated with your DHL Express account credentials.

  • The DHL Express software does not support the display of shipping costs for your labels created within ShippingEasy. DHL Express shipments will show a cost of N/A on the READY TO PRINT and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.

  • DHL Express will not send a rate quote to ShippingEasy if the selected shipping service is unavailable for the destination address. The EXPRESS 9:00 service is limited in availability, typically to the central portions of larger cities.

    When you select a service that is not available to your destination address, ShippingEasy will display a message:


Commercial Invoices

  • Printing customs forms is not necessary for international DHL Express shipments to most countries. ShippingEasy will automatically submit the customs information to DHL Express when you print the shipping label.

  • When customs information has been automatically submitted to DHL Express, the term "Paperless Trade" will appear on the archive label (the label that you keep instead of putting on the package):

  • ShippingEasy will display a reminder to print customs forms if DHL Express does not support automatically submitting customs information to the destination country of your shipment. DHL has a list of countries it supports automatically submitting customs information.

    To print a customs form from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, click the dropdown and select Download Customs Forms / UPS High Value Report.

    The shipment history page shows the reprint dropdown highlighted. In the dropdown Download Customs Forms / UPS High-Value Report is marked.
  • For countries that support automatically submitting customs information but only for shipments up to a certain value, ShippingEasy never submits the customs information automatically because the shipment value can change. For example, you will always need to print the customs form for a DHL Express shipment to Mexico, even if the value of the shipment is less than $300.00.

End of Day Manifests

  • When you create a DHL Express label with ShippingEasy, the information about that shipment is automatically transmitted to DHL Express. No need to create a manifest at the end of the day.

Disconnect a Carrier

If you want to disconnect a carrier, simply click Disconnect to the right of the carrier name:

Box highlights Disconnect option


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