Save Custom Images to the Image Library | How To

Before you can add your custom images to your packing slip and email notification templates, you first need to add your custom images to your Image Library.

To save custom images to your ShippingEasy Image Library:

  1. Click the blue Add New button to upload a new custom image.


    You will be directed to the Add Custom Image screen.

  2. Give your image a title in the Label field.

  3. Click the Select button next to the File field to open your computer's file explorer. Select your custom image from your hard drive.



    Custom images must be JPG, GIF, or PNG files no larger than 1MB.

    Alternatively, if you would like the image to act as a hyperlink in your email templates, enter a web address in the Link to URL field.

  4. Click the blue Add Custom Image button.


Now you're ready to add your custom images to your packing slips and email notifications!


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