Reroute a UPS One Balance Shipment

UPS One Balance packages going to the wrong address may be eligible to be returned to the sender or rerouted to a new destination. If you discover you have sent a UPS One Balance shipment to an old or incorrect address, notify the carrier so they can successfully re-route the shipment as soon as possible. While the carrier will do everything they can to try to switch the address, this is not a guaranteed service, and there may be instances where it cannot be re-routed.

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Package Rerouting Availability

  • Package rerouting is only available for UPS One Balance from ShippingEasy. Shipments sent using an external UPS account must use UPS' Delivery Intercept process.

  • UPS One Balance packages that are rerouted will incur a fee.

  • UPS One Balance Ground Saver does not support package rerouting because this service uses UPS and USPS for delivery.

  • Rerouting is unavailable to UPS One Balance shipments marked with a Return to Sender status.

For rerouting USPS packages, learn more about USPS intercept.


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