Update missing order weights based on shipment history | How To

ShippingEasy remembers the carrier, service, and packaging for each of your shipments. ShippingEasy will automatically use those previous selections on shipments that contain the same products. ShippingEasy only applies previous shipping selections if no shipping rules applied to the order.

ShippingEasy also remembers the weight of every shipment. To make it easier to process orders that do not have a weight, ShippingEasy will also apply the previous weight for shipments with no weight. Learn more about previous selections.

LuLaRoe's BLESS System

Accounts using ShippingEasy with LuLaRoe's BLESS system will not see this option.

Enable or Disable Applying the Weight of Previous Shipping Selections

  1. Check the Apply Previous Order Weights box in the "Previous Shipping Selections" section. Uncheck the box to disable.

    Shipment Settings page showing check the Apply Previous Order Weights option.


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