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As a business, the law requires ShippingEasy to charge state sales tax. As of May 8, 2018, ShippingEasy invoices for sales tax. Learn more about sales tax.

Which tax municipalities are included?

ShippingEasy will charge state, county, city, and special sales taxes. The amounts charged will vary by municipality.

Which address is used to determine my taxes?

ShippingEasy will use the zip code from your Account Details settings to determine tax liability. If your ShippingEasy account is missing an address in the Account Details, then the default Store Address zip code is used.

What sorts of purchases in ShippingEasy are assessed sales tax?

Sales tax is levied on the following ShippingEasy invoice types:

  • ShippingEasy subscription fee, including both monthly and annual payments.

  • ShippingEasy subscription add-ons, including Inventory Management and Customer Marketing email tiers.

ShippingEasy does not collect sales tax for postage purchases, shipment insurance, or label fees.

How much sales tax will I pay?

The amount of sales tax depends on which tax municipality you operate within. It is also affected by the value of qualifying purchases made with ShippingEasy.

The sales tax amount is a product of the purchase amount and the municipal tax rate. Where more than one municipality requires sales tax, each of these tax amounts is totaled.

Look up the sales tax rate for your address.

Where can I see how much sales tax I pay?

ShippingEasy subscription and email bundle invoices include a line item for sales tax. This amount is the sum of all taxes, which may include state, county, city, and special sales taxes.

Will my tax amount vary from month to month?

The amount charged for sales tax will only change if your subscription changes. The following subscription changes will impact the amount of sales tax charged:

  • Upgrading or downgrading subscription plan type.

  • Adding or removing an add-on, such as Inventory Management.

  • Purchasing email credits for Customer Marketing.

In addition, tax amounts may change if you move to a different municipality or if your municipality changes its tax rates.

What do I do if I am tax-exempt?


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