Custom Fields | Overview

Custom Fields allow you to include additional internal data with your orders beyond the default data fields. This could be any data that is helpful in your shipping, picking, and packing processes, such as ASINs, product serial numbers, or the internal location of an item.

Orders That Support Custom Fields

Custom field data is related only to orders entered manually, via a CSV file, or from specific store integrations supporting custom fields. Custom fields can be used to include order data that is specific to you and how you run your business.

Stores that Support Custom Fields

  • Bless supports pop-up names in Custom Field 1.

Where to Use Custom Fields in ShippingEasy

Custom Fields can be used and viewed in many other areas of ShippingEasy, just find the field/attribute where you want to see it! You can use the Custom Fields in the following areas of the app:

Where to Find Custom Fields

Data can normally be added to custom fields in three ways:

The three custom fields are available when creating a manual order or uploading a CSV.

custom fields on Order Details

When entering custom field data via a CSV upload, you must map the data to the right custom field columns. Learn more about mapping.

Edit custom field information on the ORDERS page by editing order details. Learn more about editing an order.

Internal Order Notes

Need to add internal details after an order is in ShippingEasy? Learn how to add order notes, gift notes, or internal comments to an order.


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