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The ShippingEasy REPORTS dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your recent shipping history broken down by various metrics.

NOTE: This feature is only available to our Paid accounts (Basic and above). Learn how to upgrade your account.


1. Store A drop-down menu allows for views of:
  • All Stores
  • Store (account specific)
  • Manual Orders
2. Report Date Range Generate a date-specific report using the first calendar to select the starting date and the second calendar to select the ending date.
3. Shipping Reports * A drop-down menu with options to view:
4. Order Reports *

Unshipped Order Reports show:

5. Product Sales Reports *

A drop-down menu with options to view:
6. Inventory Reports A drop-down menu with options to view:
7. Custom Reports *

Create a custom report that you can email to yourself daily, weekly, or monthly. Learn more.
8. Shipping Destinations

A pie chart of Shipping Destinations which includes Zones 1-8 plus International/NA.
9. Shipping Services

A bar chart for Shipping Services which includes the Selected Range and Year-to-Date, and the corresponding Shipping Service.  Specific services listed will vary based on carriers integrated with your ShippingEasy account.
10. Recent Shipments List of Recent Shipments including:
  • Ship Date
  • Order number
  • Recipient
  • Carrier
  • Shipping Paid
  • Shipping Cost
  • Insurance Cost
  • Shipping Margin.

* Selecting any of the Shipping Reports will open a new page showing the data pulled from selections you made on the "Stores" and "Date Range" dropdowns. You can export any of these reports onto your desktop by selecting the Export Report button at the top.




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