Ship HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) | How To

Shipping hazardous materials can be a stressful business. Most carriers can accommodate some kinds of hazardous materials but have specific policies and pricing for shipping HAZMAT. It is common for carriers to outright refuse service for certain package contents.

Which carriers allow HAZMAT shipping?

If you are in the business of shipping hazardous materials, it is best to get in touch with your carrier representative. They will help identify if the carrier allows shipping of the items you're trying to transport as well as set up a process to do so safely and legally.

To help you get started with your research, read on for more information about these carriers' policies:


  • FedEx offers a fairly extensive HAZMAT shipping service. They have representatives to assist you with filling out all of the proper paperwork for your HAZMAT. In addition, they offer training for shipping HAZMAT, how they each treat hazardous materials, and more pertinent information.


  • UPS has a fairly extensive list of prohibited items. The list includes alcohol, animal furs, articles of “Exceptional value” and most HAZMAT items. They have semi-regular seminars and tutorials for sending hazardous materials. Check with the UPS hazardous support contact to determine if what you want to ship is on the approved HAZMAT list.

USPS One Balance for Shipping Easy

Within ShippingEasy, you must select USPS - Ground Advantage as the service to ship hazardous materials.

  • The United States Postal Service has a list of domestic and internationally banned items. These items absolutely cannot be shipped under any circumstances with USPS. The list includes:

    • Ammunition

    • Airbags

    • Explosives

    • Gasoline

    • Marijuana

    Despite these restrictions, however, you can still send many other hazardous materials. The best way to ensure the material you are sending is not restricted is to contact your local USPS.

Ship HAZMAT with ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy supports HAZMAT shipments when you ship using your ShippingEasy One Balance account for USPS.

ShippingEasy provides HAZMAT shipment labels ONLY!

ShippingEasy can only provide a label for your HAZMAT shipment. It is your responsibility, as the shipper, to ensure that your shipment meets the requirements imposed by USPS, as well as federal, state, and local laws. Penalties can be harsh, so do your research.

Check out the U.S. Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Safety FAQs.

When shipping HAZMAT via ShippingEasy be sure that you:

  • Have a ShippingEasy One Balance - USPS account

  • Designate your shipment as containing hazardous materials

  • Confirm that they allow shipping the items in the package

  • Confirm with federal, state, and local laws that the package contents can be shipped

  • Select USPS - Ground Advantage as the service

For tips on properly packaging HAZMAT shipments, see the Federal Aviation Administration's guide to SafeCargo for Shippers & Startups.

Print a HAZMAT label

Follow these steps to print a HAZMAT label in ShippingEasy:

  1. Select a domestic shipment from the ORDERS page to open the Order Details slide out.

  2. Select the USPS - One Balance Carrier and Ground Advantage as the service.

  3. Tick the box next to Contains Hazardous Materials.

    The order details shows Contains Hazardous Materials check and a callout.

    USPS Notice

    A message will appear alerting you to the restrictions of shipping hazardous materials.

  4. Finish your shipping selections.

    Afterward, the label you generate will indicate the package contains hazardous materials.


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