Tools Available to Accounts with Multiple Users | Guide

Multiple users pave the way for a more efficient shipping operation. Each user has a separate login and password. From there, we provide a range of options to maximize your team's resources:

Order Management

Assign orders on a per-user basis

You can manually assign orders to specific users on the ORDERS page. You can also automatically assign orders to users based on predefined criteria with Shipping Rules.

Users with permission to add orders can do so by using Create New Label, Add Manual Order, and Upload Orders. Additional permissions allow them to edit order items and an order's recipients.

View orders on an account or per-user basis

Capture a birds-eye view of all orders at any stage of the process, or narrow your scope to only orders assigned to your specific user. Learn how to view your assigned orders on the ORDERS page.

Unshipped orders that are assigned to a specific user will be available to view, edit, and ship on the ORDERS, READY TO SHIP, and READY TO PRINT pages.

Postage purchases

Unless your One Balance account is set to auto-refill, users must have permission to purchase postage. Restricting access will prevent the user from being able to ship out orders when you have an insufficient postage balance. Learn more about auto-refill settings.

Analyze shipping data on a per-user basis

Create a custom report that breaks down your most important shipping metrics, including who processed each shipment.

Product Management

Stock updates

In Inventory Management, user access allows for updating stock levels and creating, editing, receiving, and closing purchase orders.

User Settings

Default Ship From address for each user

Operations with multiple warehouses will save time on the READY TO SHIP page by designating a specific Ship From address for each user login. See our guide to assigning Ship From addresses.

Automatically advance the order ship date at a unique time for each login

If your users are in different locations and you have cutoff times after which your USPS shipments should always have the following day's date, you can have ShippingEasy advance the ship date automatically.

Individualize workstations

If you use ConnectEasy, you can assign unique printer settings and a specific scale to each user. Learn more about setting up ConnectEasy for multiple workstations.

Admin Permissions

Assign orders

Permissions to manually assign orders are restricted to the admin user.

Adjust the label print sequence

Only the admin user can set the order in which labels and packing slips print. Learn more about shipping label settings.

Manage user settings and permissions

Although each user can manage most of their own individual settings, including the email address assigned to the login and default Ship From address, only the admin user has permission to edit these settings across all users in the account.

Only the admin user can restrict or grant access to specific permissions for individual users. Learn more about managing user permissions.

Integrate stores

Only the admin user has permission to add or remove store integrations.


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