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ShippingEasy's BATCHES page provides a place for processing batched orders, including rate assignments, straightforward shipping options, money-saving rate comparisons, custom box/package selection, and a concise postage cost summary!

You can configure your packages, select rates, and add insurance in batches on this page.


1. Pending Queue

A table of details for all batches you are ready to ship.

2. Remove All

Bulk removal of your batches in queue.

3. Batch

See the order detail within a batch of shipments you grouped on the ORDERS page; apply rates and preferences to all orders within a batch – geared to save you time. Learn how to create a batch shipment.

4. Zone

Calculated by shipping distance to help make Regional Rate and Priority Mail decisions.  Learn more about zones.

5. Shipping Paid

The amount your customer paid for shipping at checkout.

6. Remove

One-click removal of orders that will be sent back to the ORDERS page.

7. My Shipments | All Shipments

Filter orders to show all or only the orders for a specific user.

8. Your Shipping Cost

An easy-to-read summary with line item detail for your postage costs and additional service options, including confirmation and insurance. Costs will automatically update based on your selections.

9. Ship From/To

All address details are expanded. Use the editing tool to make any adjustments. Learn about Shipping Addresses.

10. Carrier Services and Packaging

  • Quickly view the shipping selection your customer chose during checkout.

  • Shipping rates will instantly update based on your carrier, service, and package selections.

  • Item weights will pre-populate from your store, making package selections even quicker.

  • Choose from confirmation options, including signature confirmation and adult signature confirmation.

  • Add additional insurance if needed.

  • Delivery confirmation will automatically be assigned to your packages, where it is a free additional service option.

  • Select and manage custom package dimensions with a click. Dimensions are only required for packages with any measurement greater than 12 inches. Learn more about Shipping Presets.

11. Est. Delivery Date

The Estimated Delivery Date for USPS domestic shipments will be displayed based on the selected shipment date and service. If available, learn how to schedule a pickup.

12. install ConnectEasy

ConnectEasy allows you to directly send labels to the printer by bypassing the READY FOR PAYMENT and READY TO PRINT pages.

13. Buy Label

Select Buy Label to purchase your label and send the label to the READY TO PRINT page.


If ConnectEasy is installed, you will see Buy & Print Label.


14. Add to Cart

Send your order to the READY FOR PAYMENT page to finish the checkout process and purchase your label to print.



I run my own store on Facebook marketplace how do I get lablels

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Hello there,

At this time we do not have a direct integration with Facebook marketplace.

I will follow up by email in case you have any additional questions.


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