Assign Orders to User Logins

For accounts that have more than one user, the account owner has the option to assign orders to specific users.


ShippingEasy accounts with only one user will not see these options.

You can do this on the ORDERS page by clicking the More button at the top and selecting Assign User.


Then each user can filter unshipped orders to display all orders or just the orders for the specific user who is logged in. By default, the ORDERS page will show All Orders.

All orders, my orders filter

View Unshipped Assigned Orders

If you were assigned orders, there will be an option to filter unshipped orders assigned to you.

On the ORDERS page, click on the Currently viewing dropdown and select My Orders. This will show only those orders that have been assigned to your user login. 



If an order is not assigned to a user, the My Orders view will be empty. ShippingEasy recommends selecting All Orders in this instance to continue shipping.



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