Create a USPS SCAN Form | How To

USPS SCAN forms are available for any ShippingEasy customers with Basic and above plans. If you have multiple shipments for the day, you can add them to a USPS SCAN form. Learn more about USPS Scan forms.

SCAN Form Eligibility

Only labels with a ship date on or after the day that you are creating the USPS SCAN form will be eligible to be included on a USPS SCAN form.

This means that any labels with a ship date prior to SCAN form creation will not be eligible for inclusion on a SCAN form.

For customers who create SCAN forms at a late hour, the best approach is to postdate your shipments. USPS no longer accepts shipments with the current date that are postmarked after 9 pm based on the ship from address time zone for the label.

Create a USPS SCAN Form in ShippingEasy

  1. Click the USPS Scan Form link at the top of the page.


    You will be directed to the USPS Scan Form page.

  2. Click the blue Create SCAN Form button.


    Selecting Your Shipments

    All of the shipments you have processed today will appear in the USPS SCAN Form table. Shipments are already selected, ready for you to create a USPS SCAN form.

    Double-check that you want to include all of the selected shipments on the SCAN form and uncheck any that should be excluded.

Your form will begin processing in the right-hand SCAN Form History box. A blue progress bar will show the status of Processing. Shipments on a Processing SCAN form are not eligible to be included on another SCAN form.


SCAN Form Status

If the SCAN form takes more than 10 minutes to generate: The status will change to Retrying. The shipments on a Retrying SCAN form are not eligible to be included on another SCAN form.


If the SCAN form does not finish generating: The status will change to Failed. The shipments on a Failed SCAN form can be included on another SCAN form if the current time is still on or before the ship date and if USPS has not already picked up the packages.

  • If it is BEFORE the cut-off time: Try creating a new SCAN form within ShippingEasy or via

  • If it is AFTER the cut-off time: You cannot use a SCAN form and will need to have each package scanned individually by the USPS driver.

Print a USPS SCAN Form

To print a USPS SCAN form, click the Print or Reprint buttons in the SCAN Form History box. The SCAN form will open as a PDF file in your web browser where you can then print it.

Once a SCAN form has been created, it will appear in the SCAN Form History box for the next 10 days. USPS SCAN forms older than 10 days may be viewed within your account


Below is an example of a printed SCAN form. The "Other" entry under "Type of Mail" includes First Class Domestic, Media Mail, and Parcel Select shipments.


To review the shipments in the generated SCAN form, click the Scan Form No. in the SCAN Form History box, then click the Tracking # for more details.


Print a USPS SCAN Form from

On occasion, you may need to print your USPS SCAN form directly from The following steps will walk you through that process.

  1. Log in to with your username and password.

    Learn more about accessing your login information.

  2. Go to HISTORY > Search Print History.

  3. Expand the Eligible for section and select Create SCAN Form.

  4. Review the list of labels for any that you would like to add to a SCAN form. Select these labels and click Create SCAN Form for Selected Packages.

To reprint a USPS SCAN form from, go to HISTORY > Search Print History > Reprint SCAN Form and select the SCAN form you need to reprint.



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