Create End of Day Manifest | How To

Some carriers require End of Day manifests that summarize the shipping labels you have created that day. The sections below will guide you through creating manifests in ShippingEasy for the following carriers that require manifests:

  • DHL eCommerce

  • Globegistics

  • RR Donnelley

Create End of Day Manifest for DHL eCommerce

To create a DHL eCommerce manifest:

  1. Click the End of Day Tasks button and select Daily Manifest DHL eCommerce from the dropdown menu.

    End of-day tasks dropdown showing Daily manifest DHL e-commerce highlighted

    You will be directed to the Daily Manifests page, where you will see a brief summary of how many shipments will be included on your manifest.

  2. Click the Create DHL eCommerce Manifest button. A PDF manifest for you to download will generate.

    Please allow a few minutes for ShippingEasy to generate your manifest.

  3. Print your PDF file, then sign and date the manifest. One copy of the manifest is for you and your records, and the other copy is for the DHL driver.

    Sign and Date Your Manifest

    When the DHL driver arrives to pick up your shipments, you will compare your packages against the Detailed Driver’s Manifest.

    Note any discrepancies between your shipments and the Detailed Driver's Manifest before signing and dating your manifest.

Should you need to ship more packages after creating a manifest, you can generate a new manifest before your shipping cut-off time. Remember to give your DHL Courier copies of every manifest you have printed and signed.

Create End of Day Manifest for Globegistics

To create a Globegistics manifest:

Create End of Day Manifest for RR Donnelley

To create an RR Donnelley manifest:

  1. Click the End of Day Tasks button and select Daily Manifest RR Donnelley from the dropdown menu.


    You will be directed to the Daily Manifests page.

  2. Click the Create RR Donnelley Manifest button.

  3. Click the PDF manifest link for the date you want to view.


A new browser tab will open, displaying the RR Donnelley manifest. You can then print the manifest for your records or discard the PDF. You do not need to send the manifest to RR Donnelley with your packages.


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