Troubleshoot Shipment Missing from USPS SCAN Form

USPS SCAN Forms have some very strict rules around what can and cannot be included in them. There could be a few reasons why your completed shipments are not appearing on the USPS SCAN Form page:

What is the shipment's Ship Date?

A shipment must be added to a USPS SCAN Form ON or BEFORE the ship date on the label. Once the Ship Date has passed, the shipment is no longer eligible for a USPS SCAN Form.

In addition, shipments with a ship date advanced more than 5 days in the future will not be available for a SCAN Form on the ship date. SCAN Forms for labels post-dated for 6-days or more must be printed before the ship date.


Generate USPS SCAN Forms every day and before 9:00 PM PST (see next point).  If multiple Ship Dates are represented in your eligible shipments, a separate USPS SCAN Form will be generated for each day.

What time were the shipment and USPS SCAN Form created?

USPS SCAN Forms must be created between 12:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

The time zone for the 9:00 PM cutoff time is based on the Ship From address on the shipping label. Learn how to edit the time zone for your Ship From address.

After 9:00 PM, all labels with a Ship Date with "today's" date that is NOT associated with a USPS SCAN Form will be submitted automatically to the USPS and therefore cannot be placed on a USPS SCAN Form. Any label with a future Ship Date can be added to a USPS SCAN Form the next day.

What is the label status?

Ensure that the label in question has not been cancelled/refunded. Cancelled labels are ineligible for USPS SCAN Forms.


View the label status on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

Is the shipment for an Amazon Prime order?

For all other USPS shipments, ShippingEasy uses our postage provider's USPS SCAN Form service. Unfortunately, Amazon does not provide an equivalent feature for USPS shipments created by Amazon. So none of your Amazon Prime shipments sent via USPS will be listed on any USPS SCAN Form.

Is the shipment on another USPS SCAN Form?

Make sure that the shipment has not appeared on another USPS SCAN Form.  If it has, it will no longer be available to add to another USPS SCAN Form.


Find the SCAN Form History listed on the right panel of the USPS SCAN FORM page.  Click the SCAN Form No. to see a list of orders included on the USPS SCAN Form.  In the browser, select Ctrl+F (Windows) and ⌘-F (Mac) to open the Find bar and search the missing order's tracking number.

How many shipments do you have prepared?

USPS SCAN Forms can only be created when there are 2 or more shipments on a single day.

Did you select a service that includes tracking?

Only shipments that include delivery confirmation or signature confirmation are eligible for USPS SCAN Forms. Delivery confirmation is included on many package types and an option on most. Learn more about USPS Delivery Confirmation.


If tracking is included on a shipment, the tracking number will be recorded in the SHIPMENT HISTORY, as well as on the USPS SCAN FORM page.

What is the package type?

If your package is a First Class Large Envelope/Flat it is not eligible to be included on the USPS SCAN Form as it is not a trackable package type. Learn more about USPS First Class Large / Flat Envelope shipments.


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